Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...the Internet is a wonderful place...

...I have lots of wonderful friends out there whom I've never met in person...

...one of them is Elizabeth - she blogs at My Crafty Mess...

...just out of the blue...she sent me this lovely card and a huge package of quilting material...

...for the Lutheran World Relief Quilts...

...I love the old tags...and I can't wait to cut into the fabric for a quilt...it will make a lovely pink quilt...it's time I know...I'm setting another 12 quilt goal for myself again this year...

...it just doesn't get any sweeter than that!...

...I've left the photo large in case you want to try the recipe on the back of the sweet card Elizabeth sent...I'll be making a vegan version for sure...they are so pretty and I love Chai tea...

...so a great big


goes out to Elizabeth!


  1. I have 'met' such wonderful women with beautiful blogs. Having the internet makes the world so much smaller ! What a lovely gift you received for a wonderful cause.xx

  2. I too have met some amazing people through the internet. Isn't it wonderful!?

  3. I think the internet is full of wonderful people. There is you, Affectioknit, you do so much for others. Positive, concrete things - things that bring hope and succour to those with so little. There are so many people who pull that quilt closer to them thinking of the person who spent the time and love to make it.

    The children who have pencils. paper and the things they need to get an education who think of the person who made the bag and filled it with such important things for them.

    So much more.

    There is also Mridula in India who has tried so hard to get me tablet colonoscopy prep - because of a chance comment I made. The gift I sent was so inadequate compared to what she was prepared to do for me, a complete stranger.

    The world is full of love.

  4. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Thats so sweet! I love the card! Supplies are always a bonus to get, can NEVER have enough!

    I'm currently trying to refigure some numbers in my head about my quilt, as I was not able to find enough of the same fabric... SO not cool.

  5. That muffin pictures looks so yummy! And yes, the internet is a wonderful place...so thankful for the people I've met because of it!

  6. @kboddenThanks so much! I hope all works out well with your quilt! Have a lovely day!