Wednesday, December 28, 2011

...the year without a White Christmas...

...have I mentioned that we have no snow at all...

...and we didn't have a White Christmas for the first time since we moved here...even the old-timers can't remember a year like this...with temperatures in the 30s and no snow (we had some back in November and thought for sure that we'd have snow at Christmas...but that was not to be)...and it's our last Christmas here in North Dakota... the day after Christmas...the Man and a friend got together and took down Scout's old swing was getting pretty rusty and rickety...and after so many hours and hours of use it was just plain worn out...and we were worried that it might be a safety hazard for the new pastor's family...

...I was sort of sad to see it was such a reminder of our little Scout...


  1. I have never had a white Christmas, maybe one day!

  2. aww, so sad. How fast the grow! We have no snow either. It snowed for all of fifteen minutes on Christmas Day then it was gone. sigh....

  3. We had a very unseasonably warm Christmas and the warm weather continues. By warm I mean 10 - 15 degrees centigrade, 50 to 59 F.

    I know what you mean about the swing. It seems like they are small for ever, then one day you look and wonder when they grew up.

  4. We didn't have snow either. My husband must have said a thousand times, "It's going to be a brown Christmas." Hehehe

    I'm glad you at least have some photos of the swing set. I'm a very nostalgic person as well, and I would have been bawling my eyes out.

  5. No snow here in Minnesota either, I've never had a Christmas without snow since moving here, it was very strange!