Thursday, December 08, 2011

...Yellow Christmas Cactus...'s still really cold and frosty here...and the windows are still frosted...but the sun is shining...'ve seen my Christmas Cactus's the regular red variety...

...recently one of our parishioners gave us another Christmas Cactus...and it's YELLOW...

...and it's blooming...just in time for Christmas...

...I've never seen a yellow Christmas Cactus...have you?


  1. I haven't, it's very pretty though. I bought a pink one that's coming out. Unfortunately, a big sprig got knocked off!

    Who did it remains a mystery, but given there are only two people and one small dog lives here, the dog's too small and it wasn't me!!! Say no more.

  2. I've never seen a yellow one! I love it even more than the red! And such timing!

  3. wow I love that ice window picture, so beautiful. We are the opposite here- HOT, so hot.