Saturday, August 18, 2012

...a couple of dears...

...just for fun...I hunted up a picture of Daddy with the little deer that we raised so many years ago...he still had his spots too...they usually lose them by their first winter...


  1. Deer have such sweet faces. No wonder we talk of 'doe' eyes!

    It must have been great fun having a pet deer. I love hearing about unusual pets. My man knew someone who had a large owl as a pet, raised from a chick. It sat on a sofa in a conservatory, its wings stretched to fill the width. He said it was a scary creature, no 'doe' eyes there!

  2. hey, i remember that! i have a picture of myself somewhere with that deer. strange, i don't think we named it, did we? really kindof weird looking back on it!

    fun memory though! love, k