Thursday, August 30, 2012

...No Internet...and WIP Wednesday on Thursday...

...we've been without internet...and landline phone for a few days...ARGHH!...I'm quite frankly shocked at how often I walked over to the computer to look up something...only to realize that it wouldn't be able to help me...

...anywhooo...the internet is working chez Affectioknit again...still without phone service...but hoping that will be fixed by the for family and just rings and rings and no one answers - not even a machine...

...and you know that I can't show you what I'm really working on... I thought I'd show you the scant (and I do mean scant) progress on my Heliotropic...

...I do love this pattern's easily memorized...but time consuming as it's just like making a cable every three or four stitches...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Isn't it funny that twenty years ago we never would have imagined how dependent we would become on a computer?
    Love seeing your Heliotropic,it's very pretty.

  2. No internet, just as you say I look so many things up.

    Talking cable, I went into a clothes shop I'd not noticed before. There was a lovely cable cardigan, beautifully soft. A snip at $715!

    I decided to wait until they got it in red!

  3. that's purtty! love, k

  4. Did you know you can get credit for the days you're without phone service? In March, V. was persuaded to give me almost $100 credit on my bill. They were Not happy.
    Last month, it was $40. If I'm without a phone, I keep track of when, how long, etc. and then I start calling. Yeah, it takes time but money is better in my pocket than theirs, especially when they aren't provided me with "excellent's your right and our duty" -LOL-