Monday, August 20, 2012

...First Days...

...Scout's first day of High School!...

...can you believe it? neither...

...a little time lapse of his last few minutes before becoming a high-schooler...

...and another time lapse of sorts...

Previous First Day posts:

2007 - apparently I didn't post him going out the door photo...I have one of course...

2008 5th Grade

2009 6th Grade

2010 7th Grade

2011 8th Grade - just last year in North Dakota...


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    and off he goes! wow!
    i know he'll do well!

    (p.s. could you send me your new address? bemipatten(at)yahoo(dot)com - thank you!)

  2. It's nice to have this history of photos, isn't it? He is getting so tall!

  3. Since I've been reading your blog Scout has gone from a boy to a young man.

    I look at photos of my children and their childhood seems so near. I see them now, adults in their thirties and it just doesn't seem possible.

    It seems quite impossible.

  4. aww, how too look at the old photos too! love, k

  5. time flies and we're never quite ready, are we?