Saturday, October 13, 2012

...Grandma's Blue Willow... I said sweet sister salvaged these three precious Blue Willow Cups for me...
...because they match a single plate given to me by our grandmother...

There's a neat old poem:
Two birds flying high,
A Chinese vessel, sailing by.
A bridge with three men, sometimes four,
A willow tree, hanging o'er.
A Chinese temple, there it stands,
Built upon the river sands.
An apple tree, with apples on,
A crooked fence to end my song. Grandma's plate was made by Churchill...
...and surprisingly so are the cups...'s a fuzzy old photo of the plate in use...
...and a picture of me at the kid's table at my Grandma's house...maybe she only had one plate even then...don't you love that vintage kitchen...
...the label from the picture...just so you know who everyone is...Sheila is in the red dress in front looking at the clockwise from there...I'm the one noshing...Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw were my great-grandparents...

~Have a lovely weekend!...


  1. how cool that they really do match. when you said they matched, i thought you just meant they were the same blue/white colors. neat-o!! love, k

  2. What a beautiful collection!

  3. It's a wonderful match and so thoughtful of your sister. The depth of colour in that plate is so amazing. I do love your grandma's vintage kitchen. When I first moved to my city I had a table like it in cream coloured top. I later gave it to a friend who still has it in her kitchen and it is still very sturdy.

  4. How special that you found these! :-)

  5. I am just doing something in my art class that has had me going through pictures!

    Willow pattern is always a favourite, so pretty.

    I prefer the shape of your cups. Very important cup shape.

  6. I love and have some blue willow pieces too. I've seen the Chinese patterns here and there, but mine is more of an English countryside look. I had just a few plates and then a friend gave me some more of hers that she'd inherited that she didn't like. Needless to say I was thrilled to take them off her hands. Will you be collecting more?

  7. Awesome!

    If you are looking for more...