Thursday, March 21, 2013

...Kitchen walls...

...well before the new wood floors go in...we thought we'd paint the walls...that way...there, for sure, won't be any drops on the new floor...

...we decided...sort of on the spur of the moment...on 'robin's egg blue''s one of my favorite colours...but of course I really wanted a nice bright white...but both the 'boys' wanted some colour...and during the discussion...I just sort of threw that colour out there as something I would like...they immediately ran with it...and then I was so very see...I really wanted white walls in the kitchen... counters were cleared and taped...
...cracks were cleaned out and patched...
...curtains were's interesting that this kitchen had only been painted 3 times in 50 years...first yellow...then pale green...and then it's current colour...a peachy-off-white...
...and the colour was chosen...Valspar's 'Bird Song Blue'...
and the painting began...
...kitchens certainly have lots of fiddly bits to paint around...don't they?... seems like it's very very blue now...the Man says I'll get used to it and that he's helping me overcome my fear of colour...of course I deny having any such fear...I just happen to like white walls... I'm thinking about accent colours...maybe red...or olive and lime green...and thinking about a valance for the shaded windows...I'm trying to find a vintage print of pears in those colours...from a picnic tablecloth my Mom had when I was little...what do you think?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Great! One of my favorite color combos is light blue, red and white.

    Kinda like the way Smeeks in AZ (google image search) uses it.

  2. The color you chose is so pretty!

    Good luck with your renovations.

  3. So I was going to link you a fabric I thought of when I saw that color. But there are so many GREAT vintage patterns, here is the whole site :)

  4. Anonymous7:39 PM

    My Mom used to decorate a lot with blue and green combinations. I love that combo.... reminds me of green leaves and blue sky!

  5. The vintage pear print in olive and green sounds lovely. I like the blue colour. I want something like it in my bathroom ;-)

  6. Have to say I like the blue. My beloved loves all white and he makes so few demands about choosing decor type things that I go with it.

  7. I'm a big fan of blue, and I'm hoping to do my own kitchen in it this summer. By my blog, you already know I love blue, red and khaki. Lighting is everything with color. I switched out the light on our overhead fan from one that points straight down, to one that diffuses the light. I kept the same blades. Changed everything!

  8. Oh I absolutely love that blue; what a cheery color. I like the thought of red accent too.
    ang (peach coglo)