Wednesday, March 12, 2014

...W.I.P. Wednesday...a Shaker Stitch Scarf for Scout...

...the scarf is finished...and Scout is really happy with it...

...just as it seems that winter is finally over...HA!

...and our book club book for this month...definitely the saddest book I've read in quite a while...since Edgar Sawtelle...and it's a tragedy too...

Shaker Stitch Scarf

Cast on 35 stitches using the long tail method. Then work Shaker Stitch over 35 stitches as follows.

Row 1 - K 1 Below Purl one - repeat across
Row 2 - Knit across
repeat these two rows...until scarf measures 60 inches...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. that scarf is so "manly"!!!

    i've already reserved your book, so i'll read along!

    love, k

  2. A good scarf!

    My book group just read 'Casual Vacancy' by J K Rowling, not a great hit but I quite liked it. Not many laughs in it though.

    The next is Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Stout.