Wednesday, March 04, 2015

...W.I.P. Wednesday...

...a quick update on the knitting front...

...these are the socks that I started on the Wyoming trip...and the yarn is some nice stretchy cotton that Elizabeth sent...but notice that there are two white and one variegated blue...and I was afraid that I didn't have enough of either one to make a whole pair of socks...'m knitting one round of the blue and one round of the white for a sort of variegated stripe effect...then...when I got to the heel of the first sock...I got worried that I might run out of the blue I knit the heel in solid white...I'll do the same for the toe...then I thought...well...if I run out of the blue...I could knit the princess sole entirely in I should get both socks to that point before I decide... that's where we are now...I'm almost to the heel on the second sock...and it does look like there will be enough of the blue to knit the foot...I'm still going to do the toe and heel in white though...I think it's cute...

...What are you working on?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Gorgeous! I am working on painting lately, lots of painting.

  2. I like the stripe/variegated method, it is very effective.

    I am woking on lino prints as I am taking part in the Art Trail which takes place in a lot of towns and here on the first two weeks in May. Scary stuff! Nearly as scary as I would find knitting socks!

  3. i like these!
    they will match your sky scarf. :)
    also - maddie and i got a fun package in the mail! thank you! maddie promptly tied her scarf around her head as a headband and it looked so cute! i will get a picture for you. :) she asked if she could give the other to her best friend for her birthday - so they can match. i said yes. maddie's friend will truly appreciate the scarf.
    i am going to savor the tea one day this weekend.
    thank you for the lovely snail mail!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I'm so glad your little package arrived...and I think it's so sweet of Maddie to want to give the scarf to her friend...thanks again for the yarn!

      ~Have a lovely day!