Wednesday, March 18, 2015

...W.I.P. Wednesday...

...on Wednesday no less...
...I've turned the heel on one of the squishy soft cotton stripe socks...YAY!... other news...although I followed the pattern...I've decided to take the hem out of Hope...make it longer and then hopefully I'll wear it a little bit more often...I do love it...I just think I would love it more if it were a little bit longer...just a couple of inches... it is the last time you saw it... other...other news...a W.I.P. of the plant kind...I don't think the Amaryllis is going to bloom at all...even with its little support...I'm a little bit disappointed...but I'm going to follow the directions here...for letting it die back in August and try replanting for a Christmas bloom this year...

...what's in your W.I.P. basket this Wednesday?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Don't you just love turning a heel? It's the best part to me!
    Yes, I think you are right about your Amaryllis, mine always flowers first and then puts leaves on, it's still pretty though.

  2. I have way too many WIPs right now. Well, three. But I am not one who likes having had them be unfinished for so long. I can't think of another winter in which I have had so many distractions from my knitting. It is a good thing that I volunteer weekly at an assisted living near my home to knit with the ladies, otherwise I might not get any work done at all! My stumbling blocks have been arriving at a place that needs more attention (fixing something or turning a heel) and then not getting or taking the time to give it that attention. I even bought super bulky yarn in January to work on a hat in order just to finish SOMETHING and then I made a mistake, have had to rip back and have not gotten started again. So I am just stalled. Don't like that feeling, but at least I turned my heel too and am in the home stretch on the socks I thought would have been finished... for Halloween! lol! :D

    Nice work on your projects! I have never grown an amaryllis; I hope it blooms for you next year.

  3. You have been busy, as usual. I am in the same boat, barely keeping afloat amidst my ongoing projects!

  4. I have grown amaryllis lilies before but always in a tall vase with stones in the bottom. Water to just under the top of the stones and the bulb on the top. I think you have a poor bulb. Try again with a new one.

    I'm getting ready for an art trail, I am venue number 53 - you will recognise the print!