Friday, June 20, 2008

I may have a new addiction - um - er - I mean Hobby

Believe it or not - I've saved some of the Man-Cub's drawings...

...and taking a hint from 'The Creative Family' we chose some of them to embroider onto new dish towels...

...first I needed some new dish towels... we got 7 yards of cotton sheeting - cut it up and hemmed the edges - another great sewing project for a little one... are 7 new dish towels waiting to be embroidered...
Just trace the picture onto the fabric lightly with a pencil.

What fun! And the Man-Cub loves these new towels. He asked what would happen when the towels wear out - yes, of course we use them - I assured him that the corners never wear out and when the towel wears out we'll cut out the embroidery and re-purpose them - in a quilt maybe...


  1. Oh I LOVE that idea! Riley draws "nice monsters" I should do that too.

  2. What a neat idea ! ! and you still have the original drawings, maybe for another project. The quilt idea is a good one, too. E

  3. Awesome project! The Creative Family is such a cool book!

  4. hey - cool idea, especially the sailboat!! love, k