Monday, January 12, 2009


Ever since we took down our Christmas ornaments and wreath we knew we needed something on our front door. We have a generic grapevine wreath that I change each season by adding flowers or leaves as here. We thought about changing the leaves for snowflakes - and we may still do that later (remember we have a pretty long snowy season HA!) as it would be fun to cut out some paper snowflakes...

...but this piece of foam was the packing material for someone's Christmas present - and I know you see the snowman in it just like I did - eh? And I love the thought of recycling something that would just end up in the landfill... you're beginning to see it... - those little styrofoam balls cling to everything - you should see my black pants right now...'s Frosty putting on a happy face...

I knitted him a little triangular cap out of blue and green yarn from the stash - the Man-Cub's choice for color of course - and I'm sort of glad I didn't go with red and green which was my first choice as I think it would look too Christmas-y...

Then I realized that I had not given him a neck to tie a scarf around - so back to the recycle bin and I just broke off a square-ish bit of styrofoam and glued it to his chinny-chin-chin...

...then I crocheted up a little scarf for his chilly little neck - just double crochet over 10 stitches in the same blue and green stripe - I like the 'country' sort of mismatch with the knitted cap and the crocheted scarf too...

He's such a happy little greeter!


  1. that is adoorkable!! (haha three funnies in one word!)

    love, k

  2. haha - yes I know I'm a dork...



  3. As the Queen of the Dorks (wait until you see the old sheets I turned into
    "curtains" for my Winter Wonderland dining room), I vote that your "Decreasing the Carbon Footprint Snowman" as awesome. I can't knit an the hat and scarf are my favorite. I love it!


  4. Very nice, I like the colors too. E

  5. Wow that really is great!

    I miss the snow...

  6. This is really really clever!!
    I think it was worth getting all thatt polly foam stuck to your pants.