Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rummage Sale

The Man-Cub's class is really a special group of kids - they decided that they would have a rummage sale to benefit people in need...
We took a big bag of 'goodies' (junk) from our house to sell and the Man-Cub and his friend set up their shop - each student or group of students set up a 'stall' to sell their wares...
Unfortunately the Man-Cub was sick on the day of the sale and so I have no pictures of that - some of his items - a couple of pool toys - a huge water squirter thingy - and an angel - were deemed so valuable that they sold tickets for them instead of selling them outright and had a raffle - I'm so sorry he had to miss it.

This is the poster in the hallway thanking everyone for their support - they made over $500 and the list shows what they decided to buy with the money!


  1. that is neat, and alot of cash! good for them! hope he's feeling better now

    stay warm!

  2. Were they donating to heffer? We used to do that in Sunday School every year as kids.

  3. Sorry he had to miss that project, but he was a part of it anyway. Good job. Very worthwhile. E

  4. Great idea-rummage sales are always good in my book!

  5. I like the list displaying what they bought with the money.

    Your boy must have been upset he missed the sale.