Saturday, January 17, 2009

Potato Storage

That's a lot of potatoes - I meant to post about our potato storage system before this and now sadly - they are sprouting...

We dried the potatoes outside after digging them and put them into the flat boxes in a single layer and put them on the cold floor in our unheated laundry room in the basement - and now here it is January and they are starting to sprout - I think I may have to cook and freeze a bunch of potatoes - let me know if you have a better idea...


  1. I see why you want to keep them. Mine are in the old pumphouse in bigger boxes but have not sprouted yet. I think cooking and freezing is the only way to fix them now. When mine do start sprouting, I just break them off and cut out any hard spots, then use as usual. It is early for that though. E

  2. i've never frozen any potato dish - but i suspect you could roast them and freeze them. i'm with mom - just cut the sprouts off unless they get really, k