Friday, January 09, 2009

Nanny's Cloth

I have always had this piece of cloth - and by always I mean that I can't really remember ever not having this piece of cloth - maybe Mom can remember where it came from. It has been in my stash since I was married (25+ years ago) - I think it came from Nanny and I think it may have been a Cranston print...

I love it and am unable to cut into it to make anything useful - There's only about a yard of it - back when short skirts were in - I thought about making one - but I couldn't do it...

Now I'm thinking about making another knitting bag out of it - then I'd have it with me and get to look at it all the time - but then I have a couple of other knitting bags that I love and what would happen to them - you can see my quandary...

Or I could just hem it and use it for a tablecloth...


  1. how sweet - wonder if mom remembers it.

    i vote for you to leave it alone! love, k

  2. Hey K,

    You know I'm probably not going to cut into it - I just like looking at all it's purtiness...



  3. I don't remember that particular piece but when you were very small 2 or 3, she and I went to the Cranston "discard pile" and got a lot of small pieces of cloth which we used to make clothes and she made some quilts. People were allowed to do that for several years. It does make a pretty tablecloth which you could see often for those memories. E

  4. Anonymous10:24 PM

    you don't quilt, do you?

    i'd want to quilt it. maybe even a small one for a wall hanging.

  5. As I was reading your post I was thinking it would make a very pretty tablecloth. That way you would still have the full piece of fabric for if you ever get brave enough to cut into it and you still get to see it all the time.

  6. yes, i say hem it for a tablecloth. it is so pretty!