Saturday, August 08, 2009

Level 5

Scout passed his Red Cross Swimming Class from Level 5 to Level 6 for next year...There were a few parts of the 'test' still to pass - here he had to swim all the way across the pool without coming up for air...

...and he had to swim the crawl for 50 yards non-stop...

...and a running dive and a standing dive from the side of the pool...
...then the fun starts - the rest of the day is free time - they got to jump from the Lifeguard's Scout just spent the rest of the class doing just that...


  1. Good Job, young man!!!

  2. Congrats Scout.

    I have been thinking about swimming lately as we have to get back into it. We have taken a break over winter and due to the other activities we are doing

  3. hey! swimming lessons!

    i took all of those and then became a lifeguard and swim instructor and had fun with that for a couple of summers at the end high school.

    lots of fun!