Saturday, January 08, 2011

...Knitting needles as weapons...hmmmmmnn...


Scout and I were watching the movie Dragon Hunters...and the now grown up dragon hunter has a flashback to the time when the dragon called the World Gobbler destroyed his home and killed his parents... a frightened child he pulls out his mother's knitting needles...

...draws a picture of the dragon and stabs it in the eyes with the needles...

...then back to the 'present' where he is a grown up dragon hunter - he pulls the needles from his pack...

...and uses them to slay the dragon...

...anywhooo - a pretty good movie which was apparently much more popular in Europe than it was in the US...I wonder why...


  1. hmmmmmm.....i hadn't even heard of this movie. guess i'm not with the right generation just now!

    love, k

  2. how funny. we just watched that movie last week, only because we found it on netflix though. i had never heard of it before that.

  3. How funny! Don't mess with me while I'm knitting... : )

  4. Dragons, tricky enemies but great and useful pets.

    I would be so very interested to know if the writer or power behind the film had a much loved relative who knitted!

  5. We almost rented it last night, but the girls picked Free Willy 4 instead. Not sure we ended up with the better of the two. :)

  6. That is a weird use for knitting needles. Funny too that you saw it in a movie. MOM

  7. i think my kiddos would get a kick out of this. :) we'll look for it on netflix.

    (we just watched "how to train your dragon" - and loved that!)

  8. my kids really liked this move too~

  9. Finally, revenge for the knitters! Seriously, when I am walking alone in the dark city streets, I feel a bit more confident when I have some needles on me...