Monday, January 24, 2011

...Scout Socks...Take Two...

...when I was in Apex, NC last summer with my sweet sister I got some Weekend cotton yarn specifically to make some new Boy Scout socks - I still have my old ones too...

...I did a provisional cast on at the ankle and then started the pattern (my own Super Simple Worsted Weight Sock Pattern)...

...and I did another princess sole as I'll be wearing these hiking and I want that smoothness next to my sole...

...once I finished turning the heel I decreased a few stitches (4 - down to 44) for a better fit on my foot...

...I'm loving that princess sole too...

...and...I'm loving the provisional cast on - now I can use the entire skein and make the socks as tall as possible - just knit one purl one ribbing from here and then a red band at the top...

...I like the shape and fit of a top down sock - but I like not running out of yarn like a toe up sock and I want these socks to be as tall as possible…


  1. Nice! I am still learning to knit, but those look great!

  2. Looks like you are knitting at the pool? Sock look comfy, too. MOM

  3. That looks very cool. I wish I were better at knitting socks.

  4. Great idea to not run out of yarn!

  5. Splendid socks! I won't mention sock envy!

  6. Lovely! They look like they fit wonderfully, and it would be fun to try the provisional cast on, too!

  7. hey, nice sockies! i just got back online after a day of NO INTERNET a work...ugh, what did i ever do without it? fun fun at the swamp again, i see - i'm sure it was fun weekend

    love, k

  8. I am so daunted by knitting. I tried once and my brain couldn't get it, nor could my fingers. :) As always... the socks look so cozy and wonderful!