Sunday, January 16, 2011

...that coyote...

...that coyote has been scaring the deer...the whole herd comes out of the brush and stands at attention - even the buck - the Man says he's a big 5 x 3 (whatever that means - I think it means he has a lot of antlers)... now I guess I'd better start feeding that coyote...


  1. How stupendous! I suppose even coyotes have got to eat - sad though.

    What a wonderful looking herd that is though. Wherever do they find enough to eat. Interesting they regard human habitation as 'safe'.

  2. Wow. I am lost for words.

  3. So, so cool!
    We saw our first one last year out at Antelope Island.
    We loved that!!

  4. You are so sweet. What would you feed Mr. Wile. E? ;)
    P.S. At night in Idaho we sometimes sing with the coyotes. They tend to frighten our dogs much like they are frightening your deer, but we've never had an incident with them.