Thursday, March 24, 2011

...Bookmark Swap...

...I can finally post about my bookmarks for the Bookmark Swap at Vegan Fox in the I'm sure Roxanne has them now...

...I just sketched some iconic people (well the da Vinci quote is sort of a sketch of his Vitruvian Man)...and I've done pencil sketches of Einstein and Ghandi in the same poses before...added one of their 'vegan' quotes onto some card stock...

...originally, I was just going to cut up this original and send it...

...but then I thought I ought to send one to sweet Cassie too - for heading up the swap...and I thought how easy it would be to just copy it again onto card that's what I did...

...then I just punched a little hole in the top and threaded some black yarn through it...then I combed that out to make it a sort of frizzy tassle...

...I just like the kinky yarn like that...

...then I packed them up in sets of three and sent them on their way... as a fun swap!


  1. How cool! I love how you casually state, "I just sketched them.."...that's some serious talent!

  2. These are so awesome! And you were so sweet to send me a set, I love them :)

  3. You did a fantastic job on the bookmarks. Wonderful sketching.

  4. How totally cute! Love the frizzy yarn!

  5. I love your sketches! You are so talented. What wonderful bookmarks!

  6. They're great! You're an amazing sketcher. x

  7. Those are so cool, you did a really amazing job on them!!!

  8. Great sketching. I went over to look at the other bookmarks and they are all splendid!

    Is that a 'tiny' blue comb or a trick of the camera?

  9. Love these. Your sketches are amazing!

    I hope you've posted about making tofu somewhere because I think I need your help.

  10. Those bookmarks ROCK.