Saturday, March 26, 2011

Checking things off...

...we've been busy checking things off the TO DO list...the Amity has been blocked...Check - ✓ gaiter that I made on size 7 needles and I said was a tighter weave and therefore warmer...well - it really was too tight - so I frogged that and re-knit it on size 10's...while watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid last night...and now it's just like Scout' Gaiter - Check - ✓

...The aquarium's been cleaned - Check - ✓

...trouser's hemmed - Check - ✓

...Merit badges sewn on - Check - ✓

...and I didn't have to call the County Commissioner - we ran into him when we were out walking Jack...and we got our meeting all set up for the next County Commissioner's meeting in - Check - ✓


  1. That's great. Lots of jobs well done. I hope there's some fun time scheduled on your list! x

  2. You have been busy and aren't those check marks lovely. The Amity looks so beautiful.

  3. Love to see those ticks!

  4. Lovely sweater Teresa!a

  5. Wow that's what I would call productive!

  6. You are a wonder. Wow. I love checking things off lists!
    Do you have any advice for sewing on the badges? Maybe my needles or my hands are too wimpy. Those badges are tough!