Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morn...

...of course - the Easter Bunny came and left a few treats and some new summer clothes for Scout...

...we had to be at Church at 7:00...and we found this Bunny Trail of candy - left by the Church Secretary for sweet!...

...this is one of Scout's Sunday School projects from years sits in his Papa's office window...I love it's sweet crookedness...

...the gorgeous Sanctuary...resplendent in White...and scented of incense and lillies...

...the freshly washed and starched White Hardanger paraments...

...we have a set in each liturgical colour...

...but the white is my favorite...

...Scout snapped a couple of photos of the Easter outfit...

...I'm happy with the way it turned out and I love the Jacket a lot...I'll be wearing it with lots of things...


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    your church sanctuary is so beautiful!

    and your Easter ensemble turned out so nicely!

    i hope the sun was shining on your celebration!

  2. Your church sanctuary is very lovely - so bright and airy. Perfect for a special Sunday service.

    And your outfit looks divine! x

  3. Yeah beautiful! It's all beautiful!

  4. How beautiful the church looks, the embroidery is just lovely.

    Scout did well for sweeties and your Easter outfit was worth all the anxiety!

  5. very nice, all of it! happy easter - i've been without internet for several days while at ocracoke, so i'm a bit behind on my "news".

    love, k

  6. The Easter outfit did turn out very nicely. The church is really special too. Glad you all had a Happy day. MOM

  7. Everything looks beautiful; the sanctuary and the outfit. I especially love the sweater jacket. It looks wonderful on you!

  8. The church is beautiful! Happy Easter!

  9. You look very pretty in your outfit. It turned out wonderfully. How sweet for the secretary to leave treats for Scout. Love how the sanctuary was prepared for Easter.