Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sweets...

...I made several sweet things for the Easter celebration...one of them was my Mom's Bunny Cake...

...I just used my super simple Vinegar Cake recipe (2 batches)...My Mom always makes hers with coconut...but our guests abhor coconut...so I made a chocolate bunny instead...

...then I had quite the disaster with my Mom's Black Walnut Pound Cake...she makes hers in an Angel Food Cake pan...but I wanted to use my pretty Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Pan that I got for my birthday...obviously the volumes don't match...

...it still turned out perfectly (after I sawed off the top and chiseled it out of the pan) and next time I'll just fill the bundt pan and then make a loaf as well...I don't want to fool with the recipe any more than I already have by making a vegan version...this cake is so delicious and I'm still tweaking the vegan version and I'll post it soon...

...we also got some sweet Easter cards...my Mom sent one that included some box tops for Scout (his school collects those)...and a sweet recipe...

...I haven't tried these yet...but I've posted the recipe here (large size) so that you can try them too...

...let me know how they turn out...we've sort of had sweet overload here - so it may be a while before I try them myself...


  1. That is a very cute little bunny cake - I love it! x

  2. Ah, sweet overload!

    The 'disaster' in the oven certainly looks very toothsome and perfect turned out on the plate!

    Like the bunny cake!

  3. Anonymous2:03 PM

    You can't even tell that second cake is the same as the one in the oven -- great job on fixing that right up. And the bunny cake is too adorable!

  4. That bunny is soooooooooooooooo adorable!!

  5. That buuny cake is the cutest thing. I know a little wee one here who would love it. I am kind of sugared out myself, but chocolate and peanut butter do look good!

  6. Both cakes look delicious--and beautiful!!! I have been waiting itll our sweet overload cools down to make a sour cream cake. (It's sadly not vegan, but I really like it. Mostly it's the raisin/orange/almond glaze on top that is delicious. Any rich and moist cake would go well with it. But now I'm rambling.)

    Thanks for sharing the pb-cup recipe, too. I always try to make those without a recipe. I've had some rather hideous results! :D

  7. The design in the cake is so pretty. I am sure no one ever knew its beginnings:-)

  8. That bundt looks wonderful!! And the bunny, well, I love that too. And vinegar cake rocks :). I just made something similar a couple weeks ago and was thrilled with how it turned out!!

  9. The bundt cake turned out so well, it's hard to believe it was a near disaster. I love the bunny too!

  10. You are pretty amazing in the kitchen. I am happy the cake turned out well and the bunny cake is adorable.

  11. you're making me hungry!!

    all quite pretty, of course!

    love, k