Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning...

...we are deep in the throes of Spring Cleaning around here...

...Scout is really good about taking everything out of his room and cleaning it all...

...but, because every horizontal surface in his room is covered by an aquarium/habitat/terrarium...

...he probably has a bit more work to do than most teenage boys when it comes time for spring cleaning...

...he put his fish in the travel box (which is really a plastic crab habitat) and proceeded to clean the entire tank...

...he also switched from the (difficult to clean) sand bottom to a pebble bottom - so now Cattie lives in a pebbly creek instead of a sandy river...he seems to be adjusting well - he's hiding in the log as we speak...

...and to quote Monty Python...and now for something completely different...

...I've started the Isabeau Purse that was supposed to accompany my Easter outfit...

...It calls for size 8 needles...I love it when a pattern uses size I get to use the very first pair of knitting needles purchased by my Mom...just for that!... are you working on?...and how's your Spring Cleaning going? far here - only Scout's room and the Laundry room have been tackled...


  1. I don't Spring clean!

    I am knitting a top from a 1950's pattern. it is being made from free or thrift shop yarn!

    I had some good news. A lovely and dear friend had decided to move to Edinburgh. She has now decided to stay, so I am very happy.

  2. I'm working on a hand-stitched hexagon quilt top for me and baby items for my soon-to-be new niece or nephew.

    Spring cleaning started in earnest here just this morning. I made up a bug batch of skillet granola and a jug of sweet tea for the day and started with the kitchen. The rest of the household all legitimately had other things to do this afternoon so it's just me for now. Moving the washer and dryer for cleaning will have to wait until they get back, though; not something I'm willing (or probably even able) to tackle myself.

  3. I'm not moving along too quickly, but I am thinking about working really hard at cleaning, any minute now!

  4. Spring cleaning - grrr! We are still working on it here1 x

  5. What a fantastic purse pattern!! Thank you!! And I can't wait to see it finished :).

  6. The sewing room closet yielded 3 embarrassingly large Goodwill bags. Sara mopped my bathroom yesterday, and asked, "Please, don't make me do that again. You have too much hair Mommy!" That I do. Deal.

    We're slow, but sure!

    Best to Scout and that tank.

  7. hey! just back from a 3 day trip to Tunica for a little entertainment (like we don't get enough....) they're actually closing the casinos because the river is going to flood!

    you look busy, busy! with the kiddos gone, we don't seem to need to clean anywhere near as much!!

    love, k

  8. Oh yeah, I did the Spring cleaning a few weeks ago though I can hardly tell now. Things got disorganized when I had to suddenly leave town with mom in hospital and now that I'm back I have to catch up with everything. Have a good one!

  9. What a good boy. The habitat does sparkle.
    I am working on my legwarmers and Elijah's hat-almost done!
    That color is great!