Saturday, November 24, 2012

...from my back deck...

...It's looking pretty wintry here... more leaves...and it's blowing snow this morning...

...we have big plans today...we're going to get our tree and hopefully get most of our decorating done...

...I remember last year at this time...we were packing up getting ready to leave North Dakota... your Christmas tree already up?...

~Have a lovely weekend!


  1. What a brilliant ruby red bird. So pretty. My Christmas tree is not up but it will be up, more on less on the 1st of December or so. I'm trying to get my major cleaning and decluttering done for that purpose. Enjoy the decorating!

  2. Our tree is going up today. This will be the second year that we have an artificial tree :( but our local tree farm closed down. Have a merry Christmas.

  3. A year, it seems impossible that it was a year ago.

    Happy Christmas tree putting up.

  4. What a sweet cardinal!

    We'll be putting our tree up sometime this week. It feels funny to do it before advent starts, but with Thanksgiving so early this year the boys can't wait (neither can I :-)

    Happy decorating!

  5. your cardinal is gorgeous!

    no tree yet. not till after ben's birthday on friday. :)