Monday, November 26, 2012

...the decorating's done...

...for the most part...
...we had a fun day on Saturday...buying the tree...
...Scout is such a good helper...
...he sawed off the end of the tree so it can get a good drink of water...this was no easy feat as the tree is very very green and the saw kept getting stuck...but Scout persevered and gave us a nice level new cut...
...we got the tree inside with minimal mess...and put Jack's crate liner underneath...just to be sure no drops of water make their way onto the new wood floor...
...then there was the annual testing of the lights...
...and the obligatory picture of the placing of the topper...
...a few white lights outside...we're going for an 'understated' look on the outside decorations this year...I'm going to add a couple of red bows and maybe some greenery to the door...and we'll call it good...I'll post a couple more pictures when we get it all done...but this was a good day's work...

~Wishing you a lovely start to your decorating...and your week!


  1. That is an impressive line up of boxes of decs!

  2. I love the tree. It is beautifull proportioned. I haven't started decorating yet but I don't have much to decorate, a small tree and a mantle and I leave it at that. It is still a "job" for me to do it every year, lol. I do like Christmas light on my tree and the warm glow they cast at night. Happy decorating.

  3. Perfect!We are decorating over the weekend!

  4. So pretty! Ours will probably go up next weekend. Writing two term papers is really cramping my Christmas style!

    Also, love the gray tubs, we use them to store everything at our house!

  5. wow! that's an amazing amount of Christmas decorations; well done!

  6. awww, nice! and i'm glad you put lights on those little spruce-like trees at the front door. i was thinking of christmas when i first saw them on our "confirmation visit"! love, k

  7. Your decorations are lovely. They look so nice for the first Christmas in the house. MOM

  8. How wonderful! Scout is a lovely helper! Your home looks beautiful. We are still working on the decorations around these parts!