Monday, August 24, 2015

...Community Blood Drive...

...they had a Blood Drive at the Church yesterday...
...and our sweet Scout donated blood for the very first time...

...he did an awesome job...he was all done in just a few minutes...
...and they gave him this neat t-shirt...

...have you donated blood recently?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. No, I haven't.. *Ü* First I want to become healthy again, but when I am..

    Great job for the boy!

  2. Sadly I am too old!

  3. But it is a wonderful thing to do and Scout is joining a long line of great people who are blood donors.

  4. very cool for Scout! i used to donate regularly....then i got a "deferral" because we had visited the Exumas (which were listed as malaria threat at the time). so i couldn't give for a year....then they said "the Exumas are OK....come on back". so i scheduled appointments 2 different times - both times they had over an hour wait. note that i had scheduled an appointment!! i was impatient and left both times because i had other things going on that day. i may try again. end of rant. love, k