Wednesday, March 30, 2016

...W.I.P. Wednesday... of Scout's little Easter presents was a remake of this calendar wall hanging from his can see that it was one of those freebies that you get at Chinese restaurants...from last year...I thought he'd throw it away after the calendar ran out...but he said he liked it and wanted to keep it...but I thought it seemed a little bit weird to have a calendar hanging around from last year... I decided to cut the calendar part off and 'remake' it into 'just' a wall hanging... I cut it in two...and pulled out the strips that were the calendar part of the hanging...leaving the strings from the weaving...
...then I just tied the strings back together on the back side...and cut off the excess...
...I can see a little bit of irregularity where the new seam is...
...but Scout was really tickled with it...and hung it up over his aquarium...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. What a good idea, it is a lovely picture.

  2. you are such a sweet Momma, and i agree with Scout, that is a cool picture!

    love, k

  3. Anonymous7:50 PM

    trying this comment posting thing from my work laptop again . . .

    i love what you did here. :)
    and i think that it's a great piece for over an aquarium. :)
    also, i would like to send you a snail mail - would you email me your address? thanks!