Saturday, April 23, 2016

...Errand day...

...the Man and I had several little errands to run yesterday...Scout's wheels/tires needed to be changed from Winter to Summer...and since he's in school he hardly has a chance to do that that had to be dropped off at the garage and then picked up later...and we needed to go to Lowe's...and the post office...and the when you string all these end up with almost a full day of errands... we decided to make a fun day of it...
...we dropped the car off early and headed to Waffle House for're probably thinking that there aren't a lot of vegan options at a Waffle House...but I ordered coffee ( I brought my own Silk creamer in my purse)...dry wheat toast...grits with no butter...and my favorite hash brown combo...I also specified without any butter...(but I'm not sure that they use butter anyway)...with some vegan add-ons...smothered (with grilled onions)...diced (with diced tomatoes)...and capped (with mushrooms)...which I thought were cute other restaurants I often also add green peppers and spinach...but those weren't options here...and the hashbrowns were delicious...
...then after a few errands but before we picked up Scout's car...we headed to a new Indian restaurant...which was a special treat for me as the Man doesn't really care for Indian food...

...on my plate...clockwise from the fruit cup...a vegetable biryani that was way too hot for me...a lentil dal that was my favorite thing...a fresh tasting chickpea salad that seemed to have only tomatoes and onions in it...and another favorite was this mung bean and vegetable curry...I also had a bowl of Rasam soup...not pictured but it was a spicy sour tomato and tamarind was good...

...most of the things on the buffet were vegetarian but not that's all I tried...

...if I'd taken a photo of supper...I could have done another W.I.A.Y. post...ha!... all in all...we accomplished a lot and had a fun and tasty day!

~Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I like to have days like this. Glad you enjoyed and were able to help Scout too!

  2. that looks like a fun way to make errand day bearable!! we did Indian food for Rich's bday this year - i really like the hot dishes!!

    love, k

  3. I was out with a friend yesterday and we had lunch which was soup and bread. It was the first time I had to ask if there was any dairy in the soup. Fortunately there wasn't and it was delicious if outrageously expensive! My daughter is a massive Indian food fan and makes a mean dhal.

  4. Nice day it was!
    I am surprised to see vegan things at waffle house!