Thursday, June 15, 2017

...What I Ate Yesterday...

Breakfast - Vegan Sausage Muffin
...Chickpea Tuna...just garbanzo beans, mayo, nori granules, celery,'s so good...
Lunch - Chickpea Tuna Pita, Carrots, Tomato Soup - recipe here
Snack - orange - granola bar - tea
...peppers and onions...ready for the oven...
...I always try to make good use of the oven when it's on...but especially this time of year when we definitely want to limit the amount of time the oven is the bottom rack I'm roasting some eggplant for some baba-ganoush...or just to add to some hummus...I made a crockpot full of garbanzos so I'll probably just make hummus...
...all ready...and the oven is off...
Dinner - Baked potato stuffed with peppers and onions, French bread, tofu, tomato and cucumber salad... was a pretty typical vegan day...what did you eat yesterday?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. packing the oven like that is great! my usual boring stuff - omelette for breakfast, corn chips/salsa for snack. we went out for "Thirsty Thursday" - dollar beer and we shared a fabulous greek pizza with chunks of feta cheese and wonderfully tangy kalamata olives. and some M&M's later for a snack! definitely not as healthy as your day!

    love, k

  2. I made almost the same chick pea salad yesterday. They like it a lot here!
    Your breakfast look delicious.
    Have a nice w.e.!

  3. I plugged my G. Foreman in to cook some cauliflower but nothing happened. So disappointed until Ian asked if there was an on off switch - oh yes it works! I must have knocked it to off when putting it away.