Saturday, October 28, 2017

...Dinner and a Movie...

...the Man suggested Kielbasa sausages for I whipped up a takes over an hour...
...but it made for a delicious TV dinner...with Grandma's Mashed...and fried cabbage and a 2 ingredient probiotic biscuit...

...and since he had paitiently observed all 4 episodes of Endeavour...I let the Man choose...and he chose The oldie but a goodie...just a funny/serious story about some people...I was surprised that Fred MacMurray was not a nice person in this film...

...What have you been watching?...

~Have a lovely weekend!


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  2. It always amazes me the things you make. I think I saw The Apartment long ago. It sounds familiar. I didn't get to watch a movie from start to finish today. I caught a bit of Stalag 17 which I saw years ago in full. It was fun to see a young Bill Holden and Peter Graves. When I was very young Bill Holden was one of my favourite movie stars as he seemed to be in so many movies. Peter Graves of course I saw every week on Mission Impossible, the television series. The other movie I saw a bit of today was another old classic with Ray Milland called The Lost Weekend. Again I saw this movie several times over the decades. Have a great Sunday.

  3. i clicked on the link to see how you made the sausage...and i read that you left for Tae Kwon Do. that stumped me - were YOU doing Tae Kwon Do now?? then i read the date of the post. haha.

    we've watched several movies lately. enjoyed the sappy "Big Fish". also enjoyed "The Meyerowitz stories" - lots of really good actors.

    love, k

  4. I must make these sausages; they look perfect.