Wednesday, November 17, 2021

...11.17...W.I.P. Wednesday...

...I never really get second sleeve syndrome...or second sock syndrome by that time I'm so close to having a Finished Object that I push onward... I'm combatting that stockinette stitch curl again and pinning the sleeve to the pattern to check the's pretty spot on perfect...
...then when I'd finished...I used Miss Wilma's felt board technique and just spread it out on the carpet and checked it with the pattern on top...haha...that works too and it's much easier than pinning it...
...all's a set in sleeve...but the shape of it is more like a we'll have to see how it goes putting it all together...
...and here are the two sleeves side by side... all of the pieces are complete...I've still got to do the neckline and that will be the same twisted rib as the bottom...and the single crochet placket on the second front...and then of course...putting it all together...

...what's in your workbasket this week?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. I admire your productivity and skill on the knitting front. I never advanced my knitting skills beyond the very basic. I wanted to make a crochet doily or two for Christmas but I cannot find the proper hooks. I know I put them somewhere 'safe' because they are so small/thin and easily lost. But I did such a good job of it I can't find them. At least not right now. *sigh

    1. Hi Penny,
      ...thanks...and good luck with your doilies...
      ~HAve a lovely day!

  2. Looks perfect as always! So complicated. Your brain must be wired differently than mine! Can't wait to see it all finished but enjoying watching it come together. Love, K

    1. Hey K,
      ...I'm pretty sure they're wired the same...haha..