Friday, October 13, 2006

Marathon Day

Today was Fall Marathon Day at the Man-Cub’s school, so I ran about 2 miles with him – it was more of a run/walk really and it was a lot of fun – after each lap they got a popsicle stick. The Man-cub and I each got three, but the weather was so cold that they shortened the last two laps – so I’m thinking it was only about 2 miles - not the three you would expect. He had a great time. This is the class running ahead of the old women.

And this is the Man-Cub getting his popsicle stick – notice the hand-knit cap.

That’s an FO from last year – and he’s asked for a new one – so I’m using the last of the camo yarn to make the North Country Hat – pattern here –
I’m working on Sacha too – just not as quickly.

Tomorrow – we’re taking the 1st -3rd graders to a retreat at Red Willow Bible Camp. It should be a lot of fun – hiking, pumpkin picking and apple pie baking are on the agenda – and they’re supposed to bring “a great attitude and a smile” – so that should be easy for the Man-Cub – he’s very excited about it. I’ll be driving so no knitting on the way up and back – but I should have about 5 hours of uninterrupted knitting in the scenic woods of Red Willow – I’m really excited about it too!


  1. What's FO?? You're too good at this....Robert still has my camera...he decided he liked it on the trip to NYC and hasn't given it back...oh well, I don't have anything good to take a photo of right now anyway!

    Love, K

  2. Hey,

    FO is Finished Object in KnitSpeak. Get your camera back - I enjoyed his photos too though. We just got back from Red Willow - I'll post later - it was great fun.

    Love ya,