Sunday, October 01, 2006

More Apple-y Goodness

I've been running the dehydrator non-stop for two days now and I have a gallon of dried apples now - It's amazing how much of an apple is just water.

The Dehydrator is an old workhorse that Mom and Daddy gave me years ago, and the little FO on the counter is another dishcloth - just stockinette stitch - so one side is smooth and the other bumpy for scrubbing. Made with Sugar and Cream - in white - and bordered with some leftover green acrylic - Mom may remember it from a sweater I knit for her years ago. I'm knitting several of these - they're simple and portable - I can pull one out of my purse and knit it while I'm waiting in line - anytime - they are completely mindless.

This afternoon I rode - by myself - on the bike path - just about 3 miles - but it was really nice - I could go just as fast as I wanted, but of course I came back and got the Man-Cub for a slower jaunt so he wouldn't feel slighted. Then we took Jack for a walk and settled in to finish homework, get baths and watch "Willow" - one of the best kids movies of all time.


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