Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Revised FO

I finished the Man-Cubs sweatshirt again. I added the front double pocket he wanted. He's quite happy with it and his hands are warm. Instead of knitting the pocket separately and sewing it on - I picked up the stitches from right above the ribbing:

Then I knit the pocket, then, again, I picked up the center stitches on the sweater with a double-pointed needle this time - and did a three needle bind off - the less sewing the better - right?

Then I just sewed up the two little side seams and it was finished - again!

Then of course, it's birthday time for a dear friend in England- so I whipped up one of my happy little dish cloths - and it's ready to travel.

Now on to my new slippers - these old crochet favorites are in sad need of repair.

I will take the soles off and crochet new ones - the tops are OK and they are very comfy - but I still want some new red ones - so Sacha it is...


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