Friday, October 20, 2006


I volunteered to put together resource notebooks for the Man-Cub's school. It has reinforced for me the fact that I'm not cut out for any "assembly-line" work.

But I'm glad it's done - these are the first grade binders.

Today, there was no school, so we took the Man-Cub and some of his friends to a local hotel pool for a few hours of swimming. It's quite the bargain at only $2.00 each for the 4 hour open swim.

When we got home, I went for a quick run with Jack. It was fun, but really chilly, only about 20 degrees F here today. I knitted some on my Sacha slippers while we were at the pool - picture soon. And I made some really good vegan mayonnaise - recipe here - - which I then used to make ranch dressing - Yum. We had spaghetti and salad and homemade bread for supper. The Man-Cub told his Papa that it was the best spaghetti he had ever had - I wish I had taken a picture before it was all in our tummies.


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