Friday, October 27, 2006

Pictures – Piano Recitals – and Popcorn Parties

My super busy Thursday is over and I finally feel like I can breathe for today anyway. First – work - then Man had a dentist appointment yesterday (which of course didn’t involve me). Then some good news from Mom - Grandma is on the mend. Then we had a meeting with our FA – moving some IRA stuff around – interesting and informative – but not much fun. Then on to the Man-Cub’s Piano Recital at school – then a late lunch – then a little more actual work – then out past the lake to take a picture of one of our shutins (for the church directory) – I’m really pleased with how these are turning out – and we’ll order an 8X10 and some wallets for each of them – so they’ll feel just like everybody else who had their picture taken by Olan Mills. I painted a background mat on posterboard

and I just tape it up on the wall behind them and snap a few digi-photos – let them review them and choose their favorite pose – it makes them feel so special to be included and the ladies have gotten their hair done especially to have their photo taken and the gentlemen don a jacket and tie – it’s really sweet and so sad that they are mostly forgotten.

Anyway, then I rushed home – heated up some leftovers for the Man-Cub – so he wouldn’t have to go to the popcorn party on an empty stomach and fill up on junk – then rushed to Tae Kwon Do – then immediately to the Popcorn Party to get everything set up by 7:00 – did I mention that I love being CubMaster…

The party was over about 9:15 – and by then it was bedtime for the Man-Cub. I only completely missed out on the lefse making session at the church – I had hoped to get there in time to at least help with cleanup – but by the time I tucked the Man-Cub in and walked over to the church the last ones were turning out the lights and leaving – sort of a relief really. Don’t despair ‘though – there’s another 3 hour session of lefse on Saturday.


  1. ok, so ya gotta tell me what lefse is!! Did I miss something?

  2. Hey,
    Lefse is a very thin (paper thin) sort of potato pancake - sort of like a tortilla only thinner and made of potato and flour - very fragile. It's a traditional Norwegian flatbread - they usually eat it here with cinnamon and sugar and butter -


  3. hey - and another thing, I didn't know you were lactose intolerant! when did this happen? how bad is it? how do you get the right nutrients? (i guess there has always been that type of that a word?) see ya, k