Friday, December 08, 2006

Quelle Surprise!!!

Guess what was delivered at 9:00 this morning? A Cable-Nelson upright piano. I've been playing it just about ever since it got here - but I had to come and do a quick post about it - I love it so. So now I know what the Man was sneaking around talking on the phone about.

The bench is from the Kohler & Campbell piano that I played when I was growing up. Thanks to Mom and Karen for sending that to me. I don't think they had any idea that it would be paired with a new piano.

The piano is used and has all of the dates of service penciled in under the top. When I find out more about it's history, I'll post about that. It has a nice tone 'though and some light wear on the keys. I can't wait to give the Man-Cub his lesson on it this afternoon.

I love-love-love my new piano.


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