Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What to do with the World's Hottest Onions

Somehow we grew the world's hottest onions this year. I was so angry with them that I left them sitting in the garage until last night. I don't understand how the same soil could grow the world's sweetest beets and the world's hottest onions at the same time. Anyway, the onions were no good for anything except cooking - and I couldn't leave them in the garage any longer or they would freeze - I'm actually pretty lucky they weren't frozen already. So, last night after the Man-Cub went to bed - And when I should have been knitting - I brought them all in - 52 really strong onions - dumped them in the sink and peeled them under water - hoping that it wouldn't burn my eyes. Then I put them in the handy dandy food processor and chopped them up. The whole house reeked of onion - and our eyes did burn. The Man finally opened all the windows - did I mention that it was about 9 degrees outside. Now I have these neat little baggies of really strong onions to flavor soups and such this winter.

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