Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ta Daaa! The socks are a fait accompli

I love these socks – they are surely my favorite ever. So cozy and warm. I like the yarn even though I can’t remember what it is. It was in my stash forever – I mean years – I had started a crocheted cloche in it at one time (years ago) and I unraveled that to start this pair of socks. I enjoyed knitting with it more than the cotton – which lacked elasticity - now the #2 dpns are free for a new pair of socks. I think I started these the end of September and pretty much only worked on them during Tae Kwon Do – so about 1 hour per week – no world speed record here.


  1. You're just too busy! How do you get all that done? I guess if I didn't go play poker 2 nights a week, I might get more done! See ya, K

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  3. Hi, I finally got a look at your new blog. Socks look great as do the hat and food items. I see you have received items from here that you can't get there. Let me know if I can send you anything. E