Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Santa Lucia Crown

Saint Lucy was a martyr from Syracuse in about 304 CE. Her feast day is tomorrow - Dec. 13th. You can read more about her here

I made a St. Lucia Crown (saffron bread)

I used the recipe here http://www.breadworld.com/recipes/recipedetail.asp?id=68 with obvious modifications - Soy milk for the milk and Earth Balance for the butter - and flax seed goo for the egg. Oh, and I couldn't find saffron powder here, but found the threads so I just ground those up in my little mortar and pestle. The bread is very good, but very saffron-y - so if you don't like that flavor, maybe don't use the full 1/8 teaspoon.


  1. Well, you're certainly the industrious one!! Love the piano - and thanks for not mentioning how I ruined mom's piano for good when we moved.....I'm glad you have a real one to practice on now. I occasionally still tap at the electric one mom gave me a few years back.

    Been looking at your weather...I guess I'll keep our 66 degrees and sunny without complaint.

    Love, K

  2. Hey K,

    Yep - it's been cold - but up here in December people say it's nice when the temp is in the 20s. I guess it's all relative.