Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blue Belt Test

The Man Cub tested for his Blue Belt - Here he's breaking his board. It's awfully hard to get a shot right as the board breaks - he was so proud that he broke his board on the very first kick. It's a "step behind side kick" for this test - his first kick without a running jump into the board - so all the force has to come from the kick.


  1. Hey - I guess I won't try to pick a fight with the man-cub!

    I just now was able to see all the posts from the winter-thaw forward. Your veggies looked very good - a customer brought me a bag of turnips again, so I'll probably do something with your recipe tonight and have some "warm-homey" food for myself! (it's supposed to be near 20 degrees again, so I'm in my "I HATE COLD WEATHER" mode...)

    Love, K

  2. Hey - you can't hate cold weather up here - haha. Another Veggie Knitter posted that her posts weren't appearing. I'll check and see if Blogger uses multiple servers and maybe they have a certain time that they are all synched up. Just going into TS mode - haha - thinking about it from a webserver side...