Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hiking in the snow

Saturday, we went to the National Wildlife Refuge and did some bird watching and looked for Elk - we didn't see any - and Bison - we didn't see any - but a game warden told us that they had shipped all of the buffalo out to another Refuge in Nebraska to mate with some other "pure" Bison - it seems the ones here have no "cattle" genes - so they were very special - there are some other pure bison in the country and they are putting them all in one place so that they can breed more pure Bison - anyway we missed seeing them.

The hike was nice - it was a sunny day - about 14 above - and we were all dressed warmly. As usually happens - too warmly and layers had to come off - that's a good thing - but I usually wind up carrying the offings - I need to remember to wear and empty backpack...

We didn't wear snow shoes as the snow was not that deep and they are a little more difficult to maneuver in - they do loan them out at the visitor center - but we came across these neat tracks in the snow - btw - we are walking on a frozen lake here.


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