Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baby Kildeers

Another update on the baby kildeers - they're up and about - and loudly peeping at us as we take their picture.


  1. hey - nice shots - are you really that close, or is that with zoom? (i started to say "telephoto", but thought that sounded very "dated")

    got your note about the cookies, etc. i found the two plates of cookies in the freezer behind some other stuff....i remember thinking that there were some left from the eagle ceremony....scarey what's in the fridge sometimes!

    hope you're all settled back at home - had a nice visit with eddie at the boat over the weekend - he happened to be in the area and dropped by.

    love, k

  2. Hey, we're pretty close - but I probably zoomed some too. Mrs. Kildeer is so used to us looking at her babies that she scolds us but not very seriously.