Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Happy Camper

The Man-Cub couldn't have been happier. We spent Friday evening and Saturday at the lake camping. It was very relaxing and the weather was perfect - a breeze blowing off the lake kept the smoke out of our tent and the mosquitoes at bay - nice.

Our new tent - a bit difficult to set up - I'm sure we'll be better at it next time - we read directions really well... It has a rainfly but we didn't bother as we weren't expecting any rain.

Our beds - very cozy and comfortable... Yes those are sheets inside the sleeping bags and the Man's is on top of his sleeping bag - it was about 65 degrees so we didn't really need the sleeping bags.

The only not so happy camper - Jack thought it was just too intense (too many smells and new noises)- he was on a thirty foot lead on his stake out...

A beautiful sunset - and the time to appreciate it - priceless...

The breeze that kept the mosquitoes away made a campfire feel nice - I wish I had made some vegan marshmallows - Oh well next time...


  1. You're right, the weather and camping look very enjoyable. The campfire scene had extra legs in it. Did you have company? E

  2. yep - The Man-cub's friends.