Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prayer Shawl WIP

I'm right now to the end of the pink prayer shawl I've been working on - I got the pattern from Major Knitter's blog - - but I only did one row of garter in between sections of stockinette stitch and I added some openwork - a rose - then a cross - then the word Peace (I think you can read it)- then the cross and the rose facing the other way.

I charted the pattern for the word PEACE on graphpaper and knit it in - then when I held it up to look at it - lo and behold - it was a mirror image of the word - I still don't know how that happened - (I should have taken a picture of the wrong one - but at the time I didn't think it was so funny) - so I frogged and re-knit it correctly...


  1. Very nice shawl. The lady who gets it will be lucky. E

  2. We gave it to her Sunday - and she wore it around all afternoon - she really did seem to like it - she has crocheted 2 prayer shawls herself so I think she really appreciated a knit one.