Wednesday, July 18, 2007

...lost my marbles

That's OK the Man-Cub found them - here he's counting his 'collection' - if we're out 'antiquing' and he finds marbles he always asks to buy them - so he has some old marbles mixed in - and he has his favorites too - we make a yarn circle on the living room floor and play...


  1. that tray reminds me of a tray that mom gave each of my boys. they used them for years. we still have one of them - the other was crushed via horseplay long ago.... marbles look like a neat pass-time. never played it much that i recall.

    it's HOT here - hope the crazy winds we saw on tv didn't affect you guys.

    love, k

  2. This one's got Sponge Bob on it - hehe

    We've had some crazy winds - but no trees so no damage - some people with trees did have damage 'though...