Tuesday, May 27, 2008

See a need - Fill a need

That's the motto of Rodney - a robot in the movie Robots - sometimes it's my motto too!

I've needed a new ironing board cover for ages.

This tattered cover has been on my ironing board since my earliest married days (it wasn't tattered then) - and we all know that was 25 years ago - right!

Now here's my pretty new cover -

...it almost makes you want to do some ironing - NOT!


  1. alright, now i wrote out a long comment and somehow it did not post. i walked away from my computer in the midst of it - so maybe it timed out. if it appears on the blog, this may be somewhat of a duplicate.

    you're so handy, aren't you? my ironing board needs a new cover also, but it is used so infrequently - i just throw a towel over it....

    i loved the nature photos. you do have a variety of cool things to look at. loved the "steps" where you said it doesn't show the steepness. yeah, when i tried to take photos of ski slopes, you get the same effect - almost vertical slopes look flat in photos. put a person at the bottom and you get a better visual...

    and yes, the mousetrap game is a feat of engineering to put together. our game is stuck in a closet somewhere - i haven't seen it for many years. might be fun to get out and play with our "adult" kids!

    love, k

  2. Hey K,

    I've lost a post like that before too - it can be maddening. We had a nice hike Sunday - Monday was cold and rainy - low was 29 - so I was kinda glad I didn't get my garden in yet.