Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Painted Canyon

We spent the day hiking in the Painted Canyon...
It was lovely - it was only about 52 degrees F - and the wind was gusting to 50 mph - so it was nice to be down in the shelter of the canyon.
The trail winds down from the visitor center through a thicket of Juniper...
More erosion and a small cave...
It smelled like Christmas and Thanksgiving as the wind blew over the Juniper and Sage...

It's funny how the rock formations look like things - this one looks like a bird perched on top of the ridge - we saw one that looked just like a bulldog too - it's like cloudwatching - only stone...

Nothing new - and we didn't even see any wildlife here - it was overcast too - so the colors are not so brillant - but we had a nice hike - and came back to the Visitors Center and watched one of their videos and bought a few Christmas presents.

Then we headed to the Trapper's Den for lunch - they actually have a pretty awesome salad bar - I'm kinda tired of eating salad bar this trip 'though - oh well.


  1. Couldn't get pictures.Glad you are having a good time and that the weather is nice. E

  2. I thought first comment went with another post ??
    I hope that was a typo that you were in tub with OUT bathing suits on. HAHA Sounds like a very relaxing pleasant vacation for all. E

  3. I can't see the pictures, but it sounds like it was a lovely day! :)

  4. Hey Mom - there's something weird going on with my posts here - I've lost a couple and the comments are on the wrong post and you can't see pictures - we were in the tub with bathing suits - a family thing...



  5. Got the pictures this time. Awesome. E

  6. yes, cool photos